Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden family

Lenchen Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden (1872-ca 1940), married rabbi Goldschhmidt. One son was killed in WW1 the other son moved to the USA.

Lenchen Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden was a sister of my great-grandmother Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden. She married Rabbi Hermann Goldschmidt and moved to Königsberg in der Neumark.

  1. Erich Goldschmidt (1895-1914)
  2. Theo Goldschmidt (1896-1968)

Their son Erich died in the trenches of the first world war. Theo became a doctor and went to New York in 1924. Later, he was director of a hospital in Lebanon (PA).

Lenchen left Germany when she was 73 years old. She arrived on November 8, 1935 as an immigrant in New York with the “Hansa”. She lived the rest of her life with her son who had moved to New York in the 1920's.
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Lenchen Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden, married rabbi Goldschmidt in Königsberg in der Neumark
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Theo en Erich Goldschmidt; Erich died in the trenches in WW1 near Lille; Theo moved to the USA
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Theo Goldschmidt
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Theo Goldschmidt
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Theo (1896-1968) and Erich (1895-1914) Goldschmidt;
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Tante Lenchen and Theo in uniform. Probably right after they had heard that Erich was killed in France in 1914
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Wangerooge 1926, with his sisters Lenchen and Henny
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Oma Rose and tante Lenchen Goldschmidt; Cologne, June 1925
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Mathilde Heger-Leeuwarden, Lenchen Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden and Nathan Heger in Delmenhorst
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The Leeuwarden sisters: Mathild, Gretchen, Lenchen en Henny
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Theo Goldschmidt; New York, September 1925.
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Theo Goldschmidt; Zomer, 1925.
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New York in September 1924
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Theo Goldschmidt in New York, 1928.
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Theo Goldschmidt
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Lenchen Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden with her daughter in law Hilde
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Tante Lenchen in New York, around 1936
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Theo Goldschmidt in 1926
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Theo Goldschmidt, New York 1928