H.S.J. Hugenholtz (1895-1956)

H.S.J. (Henk) Hugenholtz (1895-1956) was director of a sugar company in Indo-China; brother of my grandfather rev. G.W.K. Hugenholtz (1889-1969)

Hendricus Stefanus Johannes (Henk) Hugenholtz was born in Axel, the Netherlands, in 1895. His father JBTh Hugenholtz (1859-1922) was a reverand. Henk was a younger brother of my grandfather, rev. Gerhard W.K. Hugenholtz (1889-1969).

Initially, he was director of a sugar factory in Halfway, then director of a sugar company in Djambong and subsequently managing director and quarter shareholder of a sugar plantation “Thach Ban” near Saigon.

During the war he was put in prison by the Japanese. After the war he returned penniless to the Netherlands. He then lived for some time with my grandparents in Woubrugge. There he became involved in trading all kind of products. One day he earned in one day as much as my grandfather earned in a year as a reverend…. Then, is was time, according for my grandfather, to live on his own again. Eventually, he set up a trading company in Paris.

In the mid-50s a melanoma was discovered on his ear. An experimental treatment that has just been applied at the time, was placing a tube with radium on melanoma. This treatment is finally fallen out of favor because many patients (like him) developed leukemia. He died of leukemia on December 27th 1956 in Leiden and was buried in Rotterdam.
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His parents, my great grandparents, rev. JBTh Hugenholtz (1859-1922) and Mathilde Hugenholtz-Geesink (1865-1942)
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Birth ad of H.S.J. Hugenholtz (1895-1956)
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Church Axel, from left to right: Marie-Katz-Geesink, Hugenhz-Cramer; Frida Katz; Co, Henk, Karel Fredrik Katz and JBT on pulpit.
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Rectory Axel, August 7 1899; family reunion with family Marie Geesink-Katz
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Back yard Axel; August 7, 1899; family of sister (in law) Marie Katz-Geesink.
On the balustrade:
Johan Rudolf Katz (1880-1938); Marie Katz-Geesink; Frida Katz (1885-1963); Mathilde Hugenholtz-Geesink (1865-1941); JBT Hugenholtz (1859-1922); oma Geesink-Reuver (1824-1917); Karel Fredrik Katz (1883-1942).

Above: Han (JBTh 1888-1973), Henk (HSJ (1895-1956); Co (CAJ 1893-1917);
Down: Gemma (1891-1960), Gerard (1889-1969)

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Backyard of the rectory in Axel, painted in 1909 by Heinemann. On the background, his sister Gemma Hugenholtz (1891-1960)
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Henk (HSJ Hugenholtz) with his football team in Axel. Around 1908
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family picture 1917; left to right Wim (1902-1969), Mathilde Hugenholtz-Geesink, Jans van der Welle?, Han (1888-1973), Gerrit (1889-1969), JBTh (1859-1922). Probably shortly after the death of CAJ Hugenholtz (1893-1917).
Henk is not in the picture, because he already lived abroad at that time.
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HSJ (Henk) Hugenholtz (1895-1956)
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HSJ (Henk) Hugenholtz (1895-1956)
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Mathilde Hélène (Tilly) Sonnega-Hugenholtz, (1924-2013). Daughter of Henk Hugenholtz and Helene de Boer. When her parents separated (before the war), her brother went to England with their mother. She stayed behind in Indo-China.
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His home in Indo-China: “Villa Thach Ban”
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Henk and an unknown man at his home in Indo-China: “Villa Thach Ban”
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His Sugar plantation Thach Ban (Saigon, Indo-China), around 1940. Henk Hugenholtz (right behind) and his second wife Audrey Gully (front, left).
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Brothers and sisters together in Leiden in 1947.
from left to right: my grandmother Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl (1905-1992), my grandfather Gerhard Hugenholtz (1889-1969); Henk’s girlfriend Netty, Henk Hugenholtz (1895-1956); Willem Hugenholtz (on chair), Esther Hugenholtz, Han Hugenholtz (1888-1973)
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Business card of Henk Hugenholtz in Paris, where he lived in the late 1940’s and beginning of the 1950’s.
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Around 1955 with daughter Florence (Fif) in the Netherlands
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Henricus Stephanus Johannes (Steve) Hugenholtz. born 1928. Son of Henk Hugenholtz and Helene de Boer. When his parents separated (before the war), he went to England with his mother. His sister Tilly stayed in Indo-China. He changed his name into “Hillwood” in 1963.
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Obituary of Henk Hugenholtz