Leeuwarden-Levy family

Nathan Leeuwarden (1866-1930), cattle trader in Oldenburg (D)

Nathan Leeuwarden was the eldest brother of my great-grandmother. He lived in the vicinity of Oldenburg, where he was a cattle dealer. He married Johanna (Hanna) Levy (1867-1938), sister of Moritz Levy. They both died before the war.
  1. Levy Nathan Leeuwarden (1894-1967)
  2. Rosette (Rose III) (1901-1942)

Nathan wrote a letter to his sister Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden (1877-1952) (my great-grandmother) to congratulate her with the wedding of her daughter (my grandmother). The transcription of the letter and the footnotes can be found here.

Their son Nathan survived the death camps. Their daughter, who had moved to the Netherlands in the 1930's (Voorburg) was deported to Auschwitz with her husband and 11 year old son and murdered.

The son of Levy Leeuwarden and his wife Käthe de Vries: Willy Leeuwarden has spend 7 (!) years in concentration camps and survived the war in a large number of concentration camps, like Auschwitz, Dachau, Warschau and many more. His time in concentration camps Warschau (not to be confused with the ghetto of Warschau) is mentioned in my BLOG (in Dutch). Also his statement for the Auschwitz tribunal in 1964 (in German).
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Nathan Leeuwarden (1866-1930)
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Their son Levi Nathan Leeuwarden (1894-1967) and his wife Käthe de Leeuwarden de Vries (1895-1963)
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Their daughter Rosette Engeländer-Leeuwarden (1901-1942), murdered in Auschwitz