Leeuwarden-Polack family

My great-great-grandparents: Levi Nathan Leeuwarden (1843-1904) and Rosette Polack (1846-1900)

Levi Nathan Leeuwarden (1843-1904) was born in Winschoten. His ancestors came from Amsterdam. He became the owner of a fashion shop in Delmenhorst. He married Rosette Polack (1846-1900). She was a daughter of Lea Beke Margaretha Pape (1813-1874) and Levi Wolf Polack (1818- . . ).
Around the turn of 1865/66 Levi Leeuwarden moves to BookHorn, most probably with the help of his father-in-law Levi Wulf Polack. He lived there first "auf Heimat Schein", so as a citizen of the municipality Winschoten. The declaration of their first child says "born Polack or after the mother born Pape". Towards the rabbi, Levi indicated (in September 1866) that he was already married to her, possibly by a civil marriage in Delmenhorst (like his parents) . From this marriage the following children were born:

  1. Nathan Levi (1866-1930); cattle trader
  2. Hendel (1868-1870)
  3. Röschen (1870-1935); married Moritz Levy. They had a hotel on the island of Wangerooge. In the beginning of the 1930's the fled to Israel accompanied by 5 of their 6 sons. Their son Erwin fled to the Netherlands, but was murdered with his wife and kids in the death camps.
  4. Lea / Lenchen (1872 - ); married Rabbi Goldschmidt and moved to Königsberg and moved to the USA in 1935, where her son already lived since the 1920's..
  5. Clara (1874-ca1935); emigrated in 1903 to New York and married mr Roth..
  6. Willy (Wolf) Leeuwarden (1876-around 1952); decorated war hero who survived the trenches of WW1, because of that, deported to Theresienstadt instead of Auschwitz, survived and died in the DDR.
  7. Gretchen (1877-1952); my great-grandmother: married Carl Lehmkuhl (1874-1952) (my great-grandfather). They separated. She fled in 1934 to the Netherlands as a stateless citizen, to live with my grandparents.
  8. Mathilde (Tilly) (1881-1942); married Nathan Heger. Were eventually deported to Minsk, where they were murdered around 1942.
  9. Henny (1883-1942); married Rudolf Willig. She died in an air raid in Cologne 1942.

Rosette suffered the last years of her life on tuberculosis and died in 1900 in Delmenhorst. Levi died in 1904 in Oldenburg. Levi and Rosette Polack are both burried in the Jewish cemetery in Delmenhorst

Meiners – Familienforschung in Zeiten von „Abstammungsnachweis“ und „Judenkartei“– GERMAN
Delmenhorster Zeitung 2011 GERMAN
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My great-great-grandparents Levi Leeuwarden (1843-1904) and Rosette Polack (1846-1900)
Stacks Image 5043
their son Nathan Levi (1866-1930)
Stacks Image 5049
daughter Röschen Leeuwarden-Levy (1870-1935); she married Moritz Levy.
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Their duaghter Lea / Lenchen Goldschmidt-Leeuwarden (1872 - )
Stacks Image 5082
their daughter Clara Roth-Leeuwarden (1874-around 1940)
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their son Willy Leeuwarden (1876-around 1952) and Rosa Leeuwarden-Marcuse. This picture was taken on behalf of their engagement.
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their daughter Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden (1877-1952); my great-grandmother
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My great-grandfather Carl Lehmkuhl (1874-1952)
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their daughter Mathilde Heger-Leeuwarden (1881-1942) and Nathan Heger (1876-1942)
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their daughter Henny Willig-Leeuwarden (1883-1942)
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Grave of my great-greatgrandparents Levi Leeuwarden (1843—1904) and Rosette Polack (1846-1900)
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Together with cousin Rosita Steenbeek, visiting Delmenhorst in 2013.