Levy-Leeuwarden family

Moritz Levy (1864-1942) and Röschen Levy-Leeuwarden (1870-1935) and their (grand)children

Röschen Leeuwarden was born in Delmenhorst (Near Bremen, Germany) on May 3, 1870, as the eldest daughter of my great-grandparents: Levy Leeuwarden (1843-1904) and Rosette Polack (1846-1904). She was an elderly sister of my great-grandmother Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden (1877-1952). She married Moritz Levy, meat merchant in Carolinensiel (Germany) and hotel owner of “Villa Rosa” on the island of Wangerooge. 

  1. Dagobert Levy (1892-1960)
  2. Richard Levy (1894-1974)
  3. Erwin Levy (1896-1943)
  4. Harry Levy (1898-1975)
  5. Alfred Julius Levy (1902-1964)
  6. Willy Levy (1904-1980)

In the years '10 and '20 many family members (including my grandmother Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl) spend their summer holidays in Wangerooge and stayed in Villa Rosa. I was told that in the beginning of the 1930's, Röschen was the one who finally decided that it was not safe to stay in Germany. They fled to Israel, leaving almost all their possessions behind. They were allowed to take one suitcase and one hundred marks per person with them. Five of their sons also went to Israel. Their son Erwin fled to the Netherlands, probably to stay close to his in-laws. This decision would be fatal to him and his family. 
Röschen died only a few years after they arrived in Israel. In 1938, Moritz went to the Netherlands and stayed with his son Erwin in Eygelshoven. He returned to Israel and died a few years later in Jerusalem. He and his wife Röschen are buried on the Mount of Olives graveyard in Jerusalem.
His son Erwin and his family were deported deported to Sobibor in 1943 and brutally murdered by the Nazis.
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Röschen and Moritz Levy-Leeuwarden; probably their engagement
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Her parents (mijn great-greatgrandparents: Levi Leeuwarden (1843-1904) and Rosette Polack (1846-1900)
Stacks Image 2955
Moritz Levy (1864-1942)
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Röschen and Moritz Levy-Leeuwarden. Her cousin Wolf Polak had a photo studio in Barcelona.
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Moritz Levy (1864-1942)
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vltr sitting: Erwin, Willy, Röschen, Moritz, Dagobert
Standing: Harry, Richard and Alfred Julius
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5th en 6th left Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden with daughter Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl; Moritz en Röschen on the right
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Clara Roth-Leeuwarden, Röschen Levy-Leeuwarden and Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden. In front: Miriam Levy
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Villa Rosa on the beautiful island of Wangerooge (D): Zedeliusstraße 32. The building has been demolished in the 1980's
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Villa Rosa on the beautiful island of Wangerooge (D)
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Back: left to right: Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl, Röschen Levy-Leeuwarden, Tilly Heger-Leeuwarden. In the front Rose Willig; Wangerooge around 1926
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Mariage of three Levy brothers with three Simon sisters: Setterich (D), 1920. My grandmother Rose Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden was maid of honor.
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Dagobert and Richard; sons of Moritz Levy en Röschen Leeuwarden
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their son Dagobert Levy; son of Moritz Levy en Röschen Leeuwarden as a WW1 soldier (Kriegsmarine)
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their son Dagobert Levy (1892-1960), tradesman
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their son Harry Levy (1898-1975), wine merchant and hotel owner
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their son Richard Levy (1894-1974), tradesman
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their son Richard Levy (1894-1974), tradesman
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their son Richard Levy (1894-1974), tradesman
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their son Julius Levy (1902-1964)
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their son Willy Levy (1904-1980)
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Röschen and Moritz Wangerooge 1926
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Röschen Levy-Leeuwarden and Mathilde (Tilly) Heger Leeuwarden, Wangerooge 1925.
Röschen fled to Israel in 1934 with her family; Mathilde was deported to Minsk (Belarus) with her husband and murdered.
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Röschen Levy-Leeuwarden; with her grandson Heinz Levy (1920-ca 1993).
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Beachpicture taken in Wangerooge. Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl with shovel (in front of her mother Gretchen)
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The Leeuwarden sisters: Mathilde, Gretchen, Lenchen en Henny