Clara Roth-Leeuwarden (1874-ca 1940)

Clara Roth-Leeuwarden (1874-ca 1940), moved to the USA in 1903

Clara was a sister of my great-grandmother Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden. As a young girl, she worked as a housekeeper for the Jewish cattle trader Eichholz in the Cramer Straße 9 in Delmenhorst. Later, she was employed as a saleswoman for the Jewish Textile dealer Goldschmidt in the Langestraße. She departed on September 6, 1894 to Bremen (Oberstraße).
Finally, on September 12, 1903 she departed (single woman) from Hamburg with steamship Pennsylvania (2nd class) to the U.S. (via Boulogne, Plymouth) with final destination: New York.
She Married a Mr. Roth who probably died in the 1920's and lived subsequently in New York and Cologne (Germany). She had a home in New York and also a home in Cologne. She probably died in the late 1930's
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Clara Roth-Leeuwarden (1874-ca 1940)
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Clara in New York
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Clara in New York
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Clara Roth-Leeuwarden in New York
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Clara, Röschen en Gretchen en Miriam Levy
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Clara in New York. July 1927