Willig-Leeuwarden family

Henny Willig-Leeuwarden (1883-1942) and Rudolf Willig (1872-1941)

Henny Leeuwarden was born in Delmenhorst (D) around 1875 as a daughter of my great-great-grandparents: Levi Nathan Leeuwarden (1843-1904) and Rosette Polack (1846-1904). She was a sister of my great-grandmother Gretchen Lehmkuhl-Leeuwarden (1877-1952). She married Rudolf Willig, who was a director of a chocolate factory in Cologne (Germany).

  1. Rose Leoni-Willig (1911-1994)
  2. Ernst Willig (1913-1986)

Rudolf died in 1940 and was buried in Melaten Friedhof. Henny died in 1942 during a bomb raid on Cologne, probably the 1,000 bomber raid on Cologne. This first 1,000 bomber raid by the RAF was codenamed Operation Millennium, Cologne was chosen as the target and the raid took place on the night of 30/31 May 1942. The Thousand bomber raid was launched for several reasons. One of them was, that it was expected that the devastation from such raids might be enough to knock Germany out of the war or at least severely damage German morale.
Their daughter Rose, often named Rose II (my grandmother, her older niece was named Rose I) and her (50% jewish) husband Albrecht Leoni emigrated to Brazil in the 1930’s. Their son Ernst stayed in Germany. Being “only 35% jewish, he had to join the army. After the war, Ernst Willig was invited by his sister Rose to come to Brazil.
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Henny Willig-Leeuwarden (1883-1942)
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Henny Willig-Leeuwarden (1883-1942)
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Rudolf Willig (1872-1941)
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Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994)
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Their children
Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994) and Ernst Willig (1913-1987)
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Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994) and Ernst Willig (1913-1987)
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Henny Willig-Leeuwarden (1883-1942)
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The Willig-Leeuwarden family
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My grandmother Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl (1905-1992) with her cousin Ernst Willig (1913-1987)
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Ernst Willig in German uniform with his wife Margot
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Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994) and Ernst Willig (1913-1987)
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Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl and cousin Rose Leoni-Willig 1928
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Four sisters Mathilde, Gretchen, Lenchen and Henny Leeuwarden
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Rose Leoni-Willig in St. Peter Bad 1926
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Rose Leoni-Willig and Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl
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Ernst Willig with his wife Margot
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their daughter Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994) in the 1930's
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Their son-in-law Albrecht Leoni (1912-1996) in the 1930's
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The Leoni Children: Verena (1938) and Anita (1942)
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My grandmother Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl, Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994), Albrecht Leoni (1912-1996) visited Brazil in the summer of 1978. On this picture with Tante Rose, Onkel Albrecht and two granddaughters (Children of Anita).
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My grandmother Rose Hugenholtz-Lehmkuhl, Rose Willig-Leoni (1911-1994), Albrecht Leoni (1912-1996) visiting my parents home in Bunschoten, the Netherlands around 1979.
Onkel Albrecht and tante Rose were regular visitors. Every three years on average, they visited the family in the Netherlands (and Germany)
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Albrecht Leoni (1912-1996)
On the night of 30/31 May 1942 the inner city of Cologne was almost totally destroyed by a 1000-bomber raid. After that it was regularly bombarded until 1945. This film gives the viewer some insight into the devastation of Cologne.